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Traitor Joe November 6, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Democrats, National Politics, Presidential Politics.
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Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman finds himself in a precarious position these days.  His public support of John McCain and bad-mouthing of Barack Obama has landed Senator Lieberman in some very hot water.  Certain members of the party want him stripped of all committee memberships and thrown out of the Democratic caucus.  The Republicans have said that they will accept Lieberman into their caucus, but I have to believe that he wouldn’t exactly be welcomed with open arms.  Senator Lieberman has quite a liberal voting record – with the exception of Iraq and Israel – and wouldn’t work in lockstep with them, either.  At the very least, it is becoming clear that the Senator will lose his plum appointment as Chairman of the Homeland Security committee.  What remains to be seen is if he will be allowed to resign or will be forced out.  He met with Senate majority leader Harry Reid today to begin hammering out the details.

I can appreciate Joe Lieberman’s desire to follow his conscience and support a long-time friend for President.  I can understand that he may have had reservations about Barack Obama.  Had Senator Lieberman merely expressed his support publicly and let it end there, I would be OK with that.  But, he campaigned with McCain.  He spoke at the Republican convention – in a speech where he dismissed Obama as a “gifted and eloquent young man who can do great things in the future” and lied about Obama voting to cut off funding for the troops.  He turned on the party that for many years nurtured and supported him…even nominated him for Vice-President.  Furthermore, as reported by Stan Simpson in the Hartford Courant(courant.com) today, “The irony of Lieberman’s embrace of McCain, Democratic operatives here in Connecticut tell you, is that Lieberman begged — BEGGED — Obama to come to CT last March to help Lieberman in his race against upstart Ned Lamont. Obama obliged and gave the keynote speech at the Dems’ Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner.  Lieberman later showed his gratitude by stabbing Obama in the back and essentially joining the Republicans in trying to defeat the Democrats.”

That, dear readers, is a traitor.  And treason is always punishable by death; in this case, the death of his political career.   Lieberman had to know the risks he was taking in this move and he needs to suffer the consequences.  Traitor Joe began to get an inkling of them when he met with Senator Reid earlier today.

When I was a kid, and we did something REALLY bad, my father would take us “out to the woodshed” (which was really the basement or attached garage) to administer punishment.  Generally, some sort of spanking ensued.  Today, Harry Reid took Joe Lieberman to the woodshed.  Statements from both men indicate that a good spanking was administered – but it’s not clear if it was done with an open hand or with a big-ass paddle.



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