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God, Guns, and Gays November 12, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Christian Right, National Politics, Republicans.
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Prop 8 Protesters (courtesy LA Times)

Prop 8 Protesters (courtesy LA Times)

In the weeks prior to the election, a running joke between my husband, my brother, and me was that as soon as Obama was elected we would have to report to church-burning duty after marrying a gay person, standing in line for an abortion, and surrendering our guns.  The hysteria by the Christian right regarding a potential Democratic administration struck me as both funny (because I was getting an evil enjoyment out of their sheer disbelief that this could happen) and sad (because they never realized how used they have been by the Republican party).  This Conservative-base Republican voter will tell you that they vote on VALUES, not issues.  The three biggies are God, guns, and gays. 

In several recent interviews, Sarah Palin, the darling of the Christian Right, has stated that if it is God’s plan for her to run in 2012, she will do so.  This just made me cringe.  After eight years of a President that says he personally speaks to God, I should think we would have learned that maybe Georgie shouldn’t have been listening.  I am also very surprised that Evangelicals continue to blindly support Republicans.  During the past administration – even after stacking the court with conservative justices – Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land, evolution is still taught in schools, abstinence-only sex education has been shown to be a fraud, the ten commandments can’t be posted in a courtroom, and gay people can still be victims of hate crimes.  What have the Republicans achieved for them? 

I have to say, they have won on guns.  I don’t exactly know why a person who is committed to turn the other cheek requires assault weapons, but they fight like hell to be able to keep them.  In the days since the election, FBI background checks for firearms have increased 34%.  The prices of these guns have increased 300% and dealers can’t keep them in stock.  Apparently, they believe Obama is going to take their guns away.  And I thought that Christianity was all about peace….

Apparently, the Chritians have also gained on gays.  In a stunning move, Californians voted to outlaw gay marriage via Proposition 8.  The effort to pass this measure was funded by various religious organizations, The Mormon church being the largest contributor (and let’s NOT go into the irony of that!).   Apparently, gay people that have lived in stable, monogomous relationships for many years will threaten heterosexual marriages – of which over 50% end in divorce. 

I voted on my values this election, too.  My values are to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, and ensure to equity and justice for everyone.  It is easier to narrow your values down to talking points.  It is much harder to express them broadly and work for the greater community.  But then again, that’s the “old-fashioned” Christianity that I was brought up in.


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