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Will Hillary Ever Go Away? November 19, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Hillary Clinton, National Politics.
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Senator Hillary Clinton (D - NY)

Senator Hillary Clinton (D - NY)

Am I the only person in America suffering from extreme Hillary fatigue?  Has the impossibly long election season made anyone else out there want to scream whenever her name is mentioned?

Since the earliest primaries, It seems as though it was all Hillary, all the time.  Every news program led off with a story about her.  First, it was her front-runner status, then the loss in Iowa, then the comeback in New Hampshire.  During the campaign it was dirty tactics and lies about Bosnia.  Then it was her stubborn refusal to drop out of the race.  Michigan.  Florida.  As the convention approached, the bowing and scraping of the Obama campaign to get her support.  VP talk.  VP dissing.  PUMAs.  Was she working hard enough?  Was Bill working hard enough?  Honestly, if you were dropped here from another planet, you may never have known that this Barack Obama guy was the party nominee.  And now, it’s Hillary as Secretary of State.  Does she want it?  If she does, will she take it?  Will Bill Clinton screw it up for her?  Will she use the job to expand the Clintonista power base?

Enough, already.

I never liked Hillary Clinton.  As first lady, I could never warm up to her.  I was really offended when she carpetbagged her way into the New York Senate seat in 2000.  I did vote for her in 2006, but it was because in 2003, I vowed to never vote for another Republican as long as I lived (or until the party changed into something more reasonable – whatever came first). 

I do not have the visceral hatred of Senator Clinton that a lot of people I know do.  I just see her as an opportunist; I believe that she engineers the world around her to make everything about her.  The past year has seemed to prove my point.  Even now, when we should be talking about President-Elect Obama and the ways he may govern – we are turning it into a discussion of Hillary Clinton and what she may or may not want out of it.  Is that messed up, or what?

I do not want Senator Clinton to be named Secretary of State.  I would like to see her and Bill sail off into the sunset of senior statesmanship and appear (occasionally) on the Sunday news shows.  I really don’t want to think about her at all.  That’s probably just a dream – but four more years of Hillary would be an absolute nightmare.



1. vagreatblueheron - November 19, 2008


Hillary is not a team player. She relishes the spotlight, and will work tirelessly to stay in it. She is intoxicated by the sweet music of her own voice and the applause of her loyal followers. There is nothing wrong with that, but right now our country needs a Secretary of State who can implement and communicate Obama’s vision and priorities. If she’s picked, I hope I’m wrong, and she becomes the best Secretary of State ever. But the leaking and drama so far suggest more of the same old Hillary and Bill Show.

They had eight years. They blew health care, and they blew an entire second term with the Monica affair. They ruined it for other Democrats, and they don’t deserve another chance.

2. Melissa - November 19, 2008

So, who is making it all about Hillary? Hillary? Or is it the media? I have to confess that as I watch the news shows, it seems they make a big deal out of her. I can’t tell what she thinks. Even when she is not news, they make it news. AND I feel like it is negative news.

As I read some information about her one time regarding the amount of work and bills that she created and proposed on the senate floor, I was impressed with her work ethic. YET, we never talk about that. And I need help deciphering what I read about. We don’t talk about the work that she does. We talk about the items in your blog.

It is frustrating for those who like her and for those who don’t. Just my two cents. 🙂

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