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Riding the Crazy Train December 2, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Barack Obama, Christian Right, National Politics.
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When you live on a 30 x 120 urban lot, your neighbors become a lot closer than perhaps you’d like.  It’s not so bad when the weather is bad, but in the summer – when the whole house is opened up – you can hear EVERYTHING!  There’s a lot you learn to ignore when in this situation, but sometimes, it’s just impossible.  Like when “Bigmouth”, who lives in the house behind me, is talking. 

Bigmouth is one of those guys who has a lot of opinions and makes sure that he states and restates them – loudly and frequently.  This summer, his opinions were all about Barack Obama – and all negative.  There was no way that Bigmouth could ever imagine Obama getting elected.  He was inexperienced, he didn’t wear a flag pin, he was really a Muslim (should that matter?), he wouldn’t say the pledge to the flag!  Most of all, he wasn’t even a natural-born citizen! 

It was through Bigmouth’s rantings that I learned of the Obama citizenship “cover-up”.  This was one that never made into my e-mail.  Apparently, some loony named Philip Berg filed suit against Obama and the DNC for failure to provide an “authentic and verifiable” U.S. birth certificate.  When the lawsuit was dismissed, Berg followed up with more lawsuits in cahoots with a right-wing shill organization, “We The People”.  In addition, Berg was joined by other like-minded kooks like Alan Keyes and Rev. Tom Terry of Georgia.

I thought that these falsehoods would end with the election.  I should have known better, having lived through the “Bill Clinton had Vince Foster killed” conspiracy.  Just today, I was reading AOL News and I found out that the wingnuts and the We The People Foundation have taken out full-page ads in the Chicago Tribune  demanding that Obama provide his birth certificate to “a team of forensic scientists” for examination and verification of its authenticity.  The Obama campaign posted a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate on-line over the summer, but the wack-a-doos claim it is a forgery.  According to Berg, he won’t reveal the names of his “forensic experts”, but one goes by the psuedonym “Polarik” to protect his family.  Berg has now apparently petioned the Supreme Court to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote until the issue of Obama’s citizenship is resolved.  

Now, the right-wing blogs are full of screaming tag lines asking WHY the President-Elect will not release the documentation.  It must be because he’s NOT a citizen! He really pulled one over on us!

I’m starting to feel like I’m going off the rails on a crazy train (I’ve listened to preachers – I’ve listened to fools).  On one hand, I wish Obama’s people would just release the documents and shut these idiots up.  Stories like this get legs because nobody bothers to refute them (see the Vince Foster story…).  On the other hand, psychos like Mr. Berg and company are only emboldened by any defensive effort.  They would just find some other “proof” that they are right. 

And the crazy train will keep on chugging along.



1. wolfman1 - December 2, 2008

I agree – why are we so obsessed with the tiny, unimportant details in times of much bigger ones? When my pants are falling down, because my belt has broken, I don’t want to be lectured on how much I spent for the belt!

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