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Bipartisan – Schmipartisan! January 30, 2009

Posted by Kate Ryan in Barack Obama, Democrats, Economic Stimulus, Economy, Republicans.
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bipartisanCan anybody please explain to me why we Democrats – who just spent the last eight years ineffective and marginalized – are kissing Republican ass over this stimulus package?  I understand that President Obama is all about a “new way” in Washington and all that, but I question the wisdom of extending the hand of cooperation into a cage full of weasels. 

On one hand, you have to love those Congressional Republicans.  After meeting with the President and saying how much they wanted to work with him they smiled sweetly – then tried to kneecap him.  Not a single Republican crossed over and voted for the proposed $825 billion stimulus package Wednesday night.  Not one!  Meanwhile, 11 Democrats wimped out and voted with them (To see which Democrats voted “NO” click HERE).  They played the Bush-Rove playbook like masters – “We’ll work with you, Mr. President, as long as you do it OUR way.”

On the other hand, the Democrats are acting like they’re a kid who was chained to his radiator and locked in his room for eight years.  Now that he’s been rescued he’s still trying to please his oppressors.   This is the worst political Stockholm Syndrome that I have ever seen.  And it’s not just the stimulus package.  It’s everything.  Can’t nominate Holder for AG because he might prosecute Republican torturers.  Can’t close Gitmo because the Republicans may have committed war crimes.  Can’t spend money on Democratic priorities because Republicans don’t agree.

What the F***?

Did we not win the last election?  Why shouldn’t the Dems shove some social spending down Republican throats?  Why shouldn’t Dems equalize the tax code?  I thought that the spoils always went to the victors.  Instead, we’re listening to that drug-addled gas bag Rush Limbaugh saying we should split the stimulus 54%-46%. 

Come on, Democrats and President Obama.  Sack up!



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