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Some Random Thoughts….. March 16, 2009

Posted by Kate Ryan in Bank Bail-Out, Buffalo, Constitution, Crime and Punishment, Politics, popular culture.
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calvin-hobbesI haven’t posted in a while – my computer crashed on Thursday night.  I have to pay the Best Buy Geeks 70 bucks to look it over and tell me if it can be saved.  We didn’t get it all unhooked until Saturday morning, but I was too busy to take it in Saturday.  Then, the family “high holy days” party (St. Patrick’s Day) was Saturday night.  Had a great time, but spent all day yesterday nursing a Harp, Irish Mist, and Bushmill’s hangover (my mother is ROLLING over in her grave knowing I drank the “Protestant whiskey!).  John and I did manage to drag our sorry asses over to Best Buy yesterday at 10:30 am, but they didn’t open till 11.  Arrrggghhhh!  When did stores not open till 11 on Sunday?  Is that something new? 

Anyway, Barnes and Noble was open, so I bought a new book, “The Invention of Air – A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and the Birth of America“, by Stephen Johnson.   I’m 40 pages in – so far it’s pretty good.  I’m going back to Best Buy later this afternoon to see about my computer.   Actually, Best Buy would have sent the Geek Squad to my house, but that would have cost an additional 50 bucks – I’m WAY to cheap to pay that.

Speaking of being way too cheap – why do bathing suits cost $100?  I was looking at catalogs last week for a new swim suit, but there’s NOTHING under $70 or so; many are far more.  Does that make any sense?  I bet men’s bathing suits are cheaper –  just like men’s business suits, alterations on men’s clothes (usually FREE), men’s dry cleaning, even men’s haircuts!

Last week was a wild one.  I TiVo’d the Daily Show all week and watched John Stewart take on CNBC and Jim Cramer.  I have to say, I always liked Cramer, and I think he had HUGE stones to go on the show and face Stewart.  Sometimes I don’t like when Stewart starts flexing his populist muscles.  I really liked “Crossfire” on CNN and Stewart is largely responsible for it being gone.  Don’t cave in, Jim Cramer!

I spent a good part of last week wondering –  how many more innocent people have to be killed before this country addresses sensible gun control?  Even the NRA has to agree that having access to automatic weapons and unlimited amounts of ammunition is a recipe for disaster.  I actually support the individual right to bear arms – that’s what I think the 2nd Amendment is all about – but I do think that there can be limits without infringing on a constitutional right.  After all, we put limits on people’s rights to drive a car, to ingest substances, to libel someone.  We certainly should be able to limit how many and what types of guns people own.

Over the weekend the Buffalo-area man who beheaded his wife pleaded “not guilty”.  Right – like that scimitar just jumped off the wall and accidentally cut off her head. 

Also, in Buffalo today, a married couple walking along the railroad tracks was hit by a train and killed.  The local newscaster told us this morning that an autopsy was being performed and would be complete tomorrow.  An autopsy?  THEY WERE HIT BY A TRAIN!  What  more do you need to know?

Everyone is going crazy over AIG paying out these bonuses to its executives with TARP funds.  I love their AIG’s explanation – if they don’t pay the bonuses, they won’t be able to retain their best workers.  What?  If you paid a guy that you plucked from the local Jiffy-Lube he could probably do a better job – and would do it for far less salary and no bonus.  The other reason they gave was that these bonuses were contractually obligated.  How come the auto workers and teachers and health care workers have had to reopen and renegotiate their contracts but it is somehow anathema to ask that Wall Street reopen theirs?  What’s even worse is that they used our money to pay off European banks!

Finally, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and there is new trouble in Northern Ireland.  A splinter group of the IRA shot and killed two police officers last week, spurring serious questions about the fragile peace.   The Irish peace agreement was signed in 1999 and was supposed to work toward reunification with the Republic.  In 10 years, no progress has been made on this front and it seems like some groups are getting restless.



1. Me - March 17, 2009

Let me know how you like the book….links up nicely to the sort of work I do and those I learn most from:

2. AutoMan - March 17, 2009


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