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The American People Are Speaking June 22, 2009

Posted by Kate Ryan in Democrats, Economy, Health Care, National Politics, Public Health, Republicans.
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Please send the following fact sheet to all U.S. Senators that oppose single-payer or a public option.  Send as many as you can to Senator Max Baucus – the chief obstructionist DEMOCRAT! 

The American People Are Speaking


Dear Senator:

I am one of the 72% of Americans that want the United States of America to provide public, single-payer health care to all of its citizens.

Here is a citizen’s refutation of the anti-talking points:

  1.  I am not stupid.  Please do not try to convince me that single-payer means a government take-over of health care.  All it means is that the government pays. 
  2. Do not imply that single-payer health care is “European” and “Socialism”.  We have a pretty good system of single-payer government paid health care in this country – Medicare – and I don’t know too many of our elderly who would give it up for what working people have (or increasingly DON’T have). 
  3. You are right when you say that I do not want the government standing between me and my doctor, but I do not want  a for-profit businessman between me and my doctor, either.  Do not patronize me by trying to scare me with this.
  4. Do not keep telling me I will have to wait to get health care if the government pays for it.  Right now, 47 million Americans are waiting for health care because they can not afford it. 
  5. Please do not insult me by telling me that you are opposing a public health insurance plan to protect me.   I can read and most of your objections surround a public plan competing with private health insurers.  It seems to me like you are trying to protect business, not the people.
  6. Do not treat me as if I do not understand the cost – I do.  I know that this will be expensive but so are a war of choice, a war on drugs, cold-war weapons systems, and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.  It is a question of priorities.  I understand that I may have to pay more taxes to get single-payer coverage, but I am willing. 

I urge you to listen to the American people and vote for a public single-payer health program.  It is time that the United States of America live up to its promise and join every other western democracy in the world and guarantee our access to health care.



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