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Wishes & Resolutions December 31, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Auto Bail-Out, Barack Obama, Economy, popular culture.
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25005So, 2008 is almost a memory, and not a minute too soon.  The year was a mixed bag in the Ryan household – as I’m sure it was in many others’.    It started off OK, got a little rocky, regained it’s equilibrium, then tanked into the toilet when the neighbor’s tree fell on my house on Sunday.  What a ride! 

For my last post of this year, I wanted to send out my wishes for 2009 and share some of my resolutions.

Wish number one.  I wish inauguration day was tomorrow – but failing that – I will hold onto my hopes for our new President.  My goal is that the triumphant American spirit will get us through the next few months of really bad times so that we can get out of the economic and political dog sh*t of the Bush administration.  I want America to be strong and respected again around the world.

Wish number two.  I will wish for strength and success for the working people of America.  One of the first acts of the new Congress should be to pass a card check law so that American workers can unionize and be economically viable and productive again.  Also, the Obama administration should review the Bush auto bail-out and modify the terms so that the success or failure of the industry is not placed solely on the backs of the workers.

Wish number three.  I wish Al Franken will win in Minnesota so all the Democrats have to do is swing a few moderate Republicans over in the Senate to get things done.  We saw during the auto bail-out talks that our Republican Senate friends from down south (Corker, Shelby, & Sessions) will do whatever they can to stop the Progressive agenda.  Senator Reid needs to stop playing nice and rule the chamber with some iron.

Resolution number one.  I resolve to finally quit smoking in 2009.  I had two parents that died from cigarettes, but I haven’t been able to give them up.  Enough is enough.  I hate to admit that I am an addict, but just like a crack-head, I could always find lots of excuses to justify continuing my habit.  I have made the decision that I am better than my addiction.  Stay tuned – I’ll keep you up to date on the struggle!

Resolution number two.  I promised my doctor that I will lose 20 pounds by my next appointment (in May).  Since I have spent the entire holiday season consuming anything that wasn’t nailed down, I may have to make it 25 to break even.  I have resolved that I watch what I eat, take the stairs at work, and start walking again once the snow melts (though today it looks like it won’t melt until July).  Failing that, I just might do a giant colon cleanse in April.  I hear it can really pull some weight off.

To all my friends and followers (small in number though you may be), I want to say thanks for sticking with me.  I started doing this in September and I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you and hearing your comments.  And thanks for referring me to your friends, too.  I have had increasing readership for the last two months and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in 2009.

Have a safe and happy new year, everyone!