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Our Own “Over There” November 10, 2008

Posted by Kate Ryan in Iraq War, National Politics, Veterans.
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I absolutely hate the Iraq war.  We went for all the wrong reasons.  We were led by fear and sent astray by the people we trusted to do it right.  We have paid with copious amounts of blood and treasure.  As a person who works in the defense industry, I feel as though there is blood on my hands that I can not remove.   I can’t help thinking that those that died have died in vain, but I salute those who were willing to do it.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  Many of us will have a day off from work, quite a few of us will go shopping (if we have any money left), and some of us will watch old war movies on TCM and A & E.  All of us should stop for a moment and reflect.  There are few Americans who do not have personal relationships with someone who has served in our armed forces.

I will be thinking of my father, who was 82nd Airborne and was always thankful that he missed Korea.  I will be thinking of my mother’s uncles.  There were nine of them – six of whom served in WW II; my great-grandmother had a banner with six gold stars in her window.  I will be thinking of PFC Craig Stockton, USMC, who went through basic training with one of my brothers and died in the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing in 1983.  I will be thinking of the POW bracelet I wore during the 1970’s.  Most of all, I will be thinking of my brother, Tech Sergeant Michael Stockman, who is currently deployed in Iraq. 

My brother tells me it is hot there, that all he does is works and sleeps, that it is too dangerous to venture off base.  He writes that he is OK, but every once in a while, the insurgents lob a shell into the perimeter to keep you on your toes.  Most of all, he tells me how much he misses his family and can’t wait to come home.  I am a person who does not pray often but I pray for him – please, God, keep him safe.

I recently read that almost every American either has served in Iraq, has a family member that has served in Iraq, or knows somebody that has a loved one deployed to this war.  So, I remind all of you, while you are sleeping in, or shopping, or watching war movies on TV, to please remember my Dad, and my great-uncles, and PFC Stockton, and all the POWs and MIAs that have never come home.  And if you think of it, please remember my brother Mike.  Remember all of own own “over there”, and please, God, keep them safe.